Clean, hardworking, luxurious—this well-edited collection represents everything we have ever wanted in our beauty products. Made with equal parts love and intention, and backed by science, the Starr Beauty Products collection focuses on creating the healthiest, most beautiful lashes and skin possible to enhance what you naturally have! Inspired after experiencing sensitivities and allergies to chemicals that are often used in today’s cosmetics, founder Andrea Starr began research six years ago to create an all-natural line of lash and skincare. While researching and testing, Starr met a Boston-based molecular biologist who has a research background within Harvard Medical School. Together, they have created a minimal yet powerful line of all-natural beauty products that deliver results. Every product is made in small batches right in Massachusetts and has passed the test for efficacy as well as feeling amazing on the skin and lashes.
“Our bodies essentially reflect what we put into them whether that be through food or the products we use daily, and I wanted to develop a natural line that delivers results yet all the while feels luxurious to use.” —ANDREA STARR  
Today, the trusted award-winning beauty expert invites you to experience STARR Beauty’s all-natural line of cosmetics for star-worthy results!